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Projecting, making a conceptual solution and making design

Defining the style, making the moodboard, elaboration and presentation of the design through the renderers, the disposition of the furniture and the specifications of the materials used.
Main project – Elaboration of design defined through conceptual solution, making all the necessary drawings for the needs of the project and realizations. Making a detailed specification of the elements.

Production and montage of furniture

The professional team of DrvomontBM d.o.o., with the constant consultation of professionals, performs a complete service of furniture production for you, tailored to your interior. We enable you to go out and measure on the spot, professional consultation, selection of a wide range of materials, quality
realization and the best price for production. In addition to the workers for the delivery of furniture in our team, we always have people trained to assemble
it. Special equipment with which the installation is performed. These are people who are professionally engaged in assembling furniture. By that we mean kitchen elements, shelves, cabinets, closets, French beds, shelfs for books, goods, etc. ,tables.)

Production of interior and exterior carpentry

We are engaged in the assembly and disassembly of quality windows, doors: wooden, aluminum, according to your wishes and needs. Our priorities are your wishes, but at the same time meeting certain criteria such as: thermal insulation, sound insulation and of course safety.

reparacija namestaja

Furniture repair

Reparation is the process by which we bring something to the right state. Our task is to bring your woodwork to the desired state repair, alteration or replacement of worn parts.

drveni podovi

Putting up wooden floors, of all kinds

With great precision, we install parquet, ship floors and laminate with specific tools and machines. We apply putting up massive floors by gluing on a concrete screed that has been previously well dried and well leveled. We give the laminate an advantage in terms of ease of installation, speed and price.


Painting walls

Our desire is to create a comfortable and modern space. In accordance with that, we perform a whole range of tasks such as: smoothing, painting the walls, painting (carpentry, radiators), removing and gluing wallpaper. We will do all these jobs for you at affordable prices, with quality, efficiency and cleanliness.

gipsarskir adovi

Gypsum works

Gypsum is a material that allows the possibility of creative design, and in accordance with that, we list the following tasks that we perform: lowering the ceiling, installing partition walls, finishing the joists, lining the walls, making various shelves and cascades, installing LED lighting. Everything is tailored to your wishes and needs.

vodoinstalterski radovi

Plumbing works

The work of a plumber is very important where the decisive factors are experience and professionalism. In our offer you can find: installation of toilets (toilets, bathtubs, showers, washbasins), installation of pipelines and connections to the existing water supply network, replacement of old toilets.

fasadni radovi

Facade works

The word façade comes from the Latin word facies – face, so as the word itself says, it represents the face of every building object. In addition to aesthetic factors, it provides us with protection from natural disasters and good thermal insulation. We are here for you for the following jobs: facade works, thermal insulation, styrofoam, styrodure , stone wool, painting and repair of the old facade.


Adaptations of residentials and business spaces

In order to complete this whole story, in order to meet your needs as soon as possible and as well as all these jobs that we have listed on our site: making interior and exterior carpentry, furniture repair, installation of wooden floors of all kinds, painting, plastering, plumbing works, facade works you can see on our website and get information by e-mail or phone. Why choose us: because of quality workmanship, top knowledge, best prices and a guarantee that the work will be done within the agreed time.


Electrical installation works

In our team there is also a professional, experienced team of electricians consisting of 6 masters, as well as 10 assistants who work with the masters. We are able, in addition to other services that we provide, to perform the service of installation of all installations related to electricity. There is also the possibility to procure complete equipment from leading manufacturers through us at affordable prices, as we cooperate with authorized importers of leading brands.