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Informations about company DRVOMONT BM

Our story

Drvomont BM doo is a company that provides designing services , for making a conceptual solution, for assembling the interior, for adapting apartments, for adapting houses and complete interior works.

Works inside the house or apartment include: gypsum works, work with ceramics, painting works on the walls, floor – laying works – laying the floors, pipe water works.

Company DRVOMONT BM can boast of successful projects so far and cooperation with leaders in this business.

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Principle of our work

We are constantly growing and developing thanks, above all, to the constant improvement of our employees, but also to the continuous investment in the most modern equipment.

1. We take care of our employees

It is important to us that all employees are satisfied because that is the only way they can give their maximum.

2. We connect

Networking is important to us because we connect with potential customers and get to know our business in detail.

3. We are evolving

We grow and develop, we come out of each project more experienced and ready for new work victories.